Clearpoint was founded in 1994 based on the belief that computer memory is important. The computer has become more and more an integral part of daily life. As we enter the new millennium, you need only look at the influence of the computer in areas of work, entertainment, study, or shopping to get a hint of the changes in your life that are yet to come. There can be no doubt the computer is here to stay.
Did you know that memory is the heart of any computer system? Whether mainframe or PC, all programs and data must have a place in memory. A program that does not have a place in memory can't change your life. Furthermore, if the memory doesn't deliver all the compatibility and performance that a system can use, the computer is needlessly limited and data can be forever lost. To gain all the benefits that your computer can offer you today and tomorrow, your focus on MEMORY IS IMPORTANT!

With this in mind, Clearpoint operates with the philosophy that investing more time and engineering talent leads to more cost effective, high quality memory products. The Clearpoint memory mission is to provide technical leadership, long-term system compatibility, and product versatility all at the most competitive pricing in the industry. We believe that the result of our exceptional engineering is a built-in value and quality that leads to a better buying experience for our customers.

Clearpoint manufactures a broad line of add-in memory products. A Clearpoint memory product is distinguished by its "foundation technology". This means that with each of the products that we engineer and manufacture, we strive to include the innovation and expertise that has been accumulated through the years of continuous development of leading edge products.

Clearpoint is a service-oriented company focused on a worldwide market of end-users, OEM's, and system integrators, all approached with the same emphasis on quality, integrity and personalized service.

As the technology of tomorrow approaches, we will strive to maintain a leadership role in bringing the benefit of excellent memory products to the market place.