Seagate offers two families of drives with the high performance SCSI interface: the Cheetah® and the Barracuda®. Seagate creates some of the highest quality drives available, and every Seagate drive is optimized for the fastest speed possible.
 Internal Fibre Channel
ST318452FC  Seagate 18GB 15K FC-AL Cheetah X15-36LP  £P.O.A.
ST336607FC  Seagate 36GB Cheetah 10K.6 FC-AL  £160.80
ST336752FC  Seagate 36GB 15K FC-AL Cheetah X15-36LP  £P.O.A.
ST373307FC  Seagate 73GB Cheetah 10K.6 FC-AL  £374.40
ST3146807FC  Seagate 146GB Cheetah 10K.6 FC-AL  £699.60
 Internal SCA - Ultra 160
ST318452LC  Seagate 18GB 15K 80-Pin Cheetah X15-36LP  £P.O.A.
ST336752LC  Seagate 36GB 15K 80-Pin Cheetah X15-36LP  £P.O.A.
ST1181677CV  Seagate 181.6GB 7200rpm Barracuda 180  £P.O.A.
 Internal SCA - Ultra 320
ST318432LC  Seagate 18.4GB 15K U320 X15-36LP 80PIN  £P.O.A.
ST318453LC  Seagate 18GB/15K U320 80Pin Cheetah 15K.3  £180.00
ST336753LC  Seagate 36GB/15K U320 80Pin Cheetah 15K.3  £250.00
ST336753LC  Seagate 36GB/15K U320 80Pin Cheetah 15K.3  £250.00
ST373453LC  Seagate 73GB/15K U320 80Pin Cheetah15K.3  £450.00
ST3146807LC  Seagate U320 146GB Cheetah 10K.6 80-Pin  £495.00
 Internal SCSI - ULTRA 320
ST318432LW  Seagate 18.4GB 15K U320 X15-36LP 68PIN  £P.O.A.
ST318453LW  Seagate 18GB/15K U320 68Pin Cheetah15K.3  £180.00
ST336607LW  Seagate U320 36GB Cheetah 10K.6 68-Pin  £120.00
ST336732LW  Seagate U320 36.7GB Cheetah X15 68PIN  £P.O.A.
ST336753LW  Seagate 36GB/15K U320 68Pin Cheetah15K.3  £250.00
ST373307LW  Seagate U320 73GB Cheetah 10K.6 68-Pin  £357.60
ST373453LW  Seagate 73GB/15K U320 68Pin Cheetah15K.3  £450.00
ST3146807LW  Seagate U320 146GB Cheetah 10K.6 68-Pin  £495.00